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Did you know that approximately 2.6 billion active users are present on social media today? And the number is growing enormously with each passing day. Be it a small local business, or a multinational company, a public figure or a religious group, a social media presence is not only useful but necessary to be known and to have a name in the market. 

With a rapid increase in the statistics, competition among the people is also building up. Social media keeps on launching new updates and to keep up with the opposition and be in the business books, one must follow the latest social media trends on Facebook, Instagram and even on Linkedin.Following are the major social media updates, a company needs to adopt, to proceed and improve for the furtherance and development of the business.


  • The Update to Come Live

Applications like Facebook and Instagram have provided an update to come live and interact with the audience. This brings traffic to your company’s profile. It makes virtual communication and interaction possible. People can listen to you live, and learn about your company in a much better way. 

Some companies are openly selling their products and goods with the help of these live sessions. They tell all the necessary details and practically show them to the customers in those live sessions.


  • Proper Use of Hashtags

Hashtag means that the product is “trending”. Be it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, all share the common definition of the word trending. So the use of hashtags makes a lot of impact provided the company is using the right ones in their captions. These hashtags help in targeting a specific audience, in celebrating occasions and successions, and in spreading awareness of a brand or some political party, cultural or religious affairs. The most famous and commonly used hashtags include #followforfollow #eid2k #pictureoftheday etc.

  • IGTV on Instagram

IGTV basically is a separate and standalone application that has collaborated with Instagram. In this way, Instagram has provided the users with a feature to upload longer videos on their profiles. Before this, Instagram only permitted uploading a minute-long video, but IGTV has made things better for a number of companies and brands. Audiences can grab the insights of a company more so with proper long videos and brands can also make full length promotional videos and commercials for Instagram.

Uploading Stories

  • Uploading Stories

It is a dandy and unique feature that might have worked out for numerous brands and companies. It has become a trend to put up stories which stay there and can be reviewed up to 24 hours after uploading them. 

In the case of Facebook, it can be reviewed for up to 3 days. So the high-end fashion brands and the ever-growing companies work on creating solid content for images and mini video clips to catch the eye of the audience. The more the shares are, the better the promotions are.


  • Linkedin Videos for Business

Out of many of the Linkedin perks, another benefit has come into place. The latest update to upload videos is getting five to ten times more engagement of the audience then on any other application. 

Thus companies and business pages are making huge profits and enjoy the advantages from Linkedin videos for businesses.

  • Whatsapp for Business 

This feature is especially and specifically targeted and designed for the individuals running a business or a company. Whatsapp business now involves more than five million active users during a time span of one year only. Its outstanding services include the options of quick replying or the auto replying as well as the away-messages that make it a lot more feasible and convenient for business and company owners to manage their links and communications with the clients and purchasers.

Hence a company must need to know about these and a few more social media updates like putting morning new catch-up on Twitter that recaps and briefs you about everything going on around the globe, signing petitions on Facebook that bring people with the same motive together, for a good cause, the direct links in the stories of Instagram that spreads your links with every share, to millions of viewers. Running campaigns for promotional activities, creating events, saving to watch later options, announcing giveaways and many more, are all very successful and running features that a brand must know about to proceed.

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