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Tips to create SEO-Friendly website

What is  SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving your site visibility in organic search results in web browsers. The greater visibility of pages in search results garner attention, attract existing and prospective clients to your business. 

How does SEO work?
Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others use bots to crawl and index pages on the web. Next, by considering hundreds of ranking signals or factors, algorithms analyze these indexed pages and they appear in order for specific query search results.  Just Google uses ranking factors such as 

  • Backlinks
  • Quality content
  • Technical things 
  • Site speed
  • Site mobility
  • Confidential factors

To get a clear understanding assume you have a bowl of soup. The bowl indicates the technical staff of the website. Soup indicates the website content, seasoning indicates the quality backlinks and the last one makes the SEO soup best. To be indexed by the Search engine is crucial for your site.

If you are going to optimize your website for web browsers below are the important steps to consider. 

Responsive Web Design:
When you are designing an SEO friendly website, it’s important to garner all success-driven factors and elements for your business. The crucial component to get acceptance in the market is the responsive design of your site.

This design provides adaptability and allows customers to use the website on any available device.
If users find difficulty accessing a site on mobile they turn to a better-optimized site, your competitor’s site. Users must stay on-site for a longer time to send positive signals to Google. 

Content should target valuable keywords:
The essential part of a website is its content. This is helpful in generating leads and driving traffic on your website. Content generation makes sure the usage of targeted keywords to drive leads to your website. 
Do keyword research, prefer long-tail keywords to get the best results. Once you have done the material selection, decide in which format you are going to appeal to your audience. It may include 

  1. Infographics
  2. Blogs 
  3. Videos


Optimize header tags: 

Headlines at the start of the section are header tags and the Header is the title of the section. You need to Include the most significant keyword into the title of the page. Other important keywords can be used for subheadings to rank them.

Headers are helpful in a quick understanding of information and make digestion of details easy. Readable and organized pages generate clicks and keep the audience for a longer time at the site.

Use internal linking:

When you are working to make a Seo friendly website, never overlook the concept of internal linking. Your website may have outstanding content but Google is unable to find it. It’s your turn to assist Google in finding pages.

The use of internal links is helpful to discover them and index them as a result of the search query. Links must be used in the correct way and they should be relevant to the anchor text and topic of the page. Internal links and anchor text are relevant, they both are helpful in indexing the page. 

To boost site clicks optimize meta descriptions:

As a result of any search, google generates multiple results. Each result contains a Meta title and Meta description; a  small paragraph that includes the sneak preview of the page is called Meta Description. Your expectations are set by this description. It must be relevant and up to 160 characters. To generate more web leads and clicks it’s well worth to focus on it. 

Focus on Readability:

As you start optimization you may lose the technical aspects and design of your website. While doing so never let slip the appearance evaluation of your site. Improve the readability of your site to engage the audience for a longer time.

With magnificent designs, your site leaves the first impression on people, and content determines if this impression will last or not. Try to use the right fonts with comparative font colors. Make sure that content format should include 

  • Smaller paragraphs
  • Headings 
  • Bullet lists 

to encourage the audience.

Improve page load time:

Your website should have a fast loading time as it impacts a lot on SEO. Never take risk of bouncing your audience to a competitor’s site. Have a look at images, try to compress their sizes while improving load time.

Make your site Google friendly website:

  If your website has all SEO requirements and you are implementing Whitehat technologies it will be considered as a Google-friendly website. Top SEO Friendly websites like

  1.  Shopify
  2.  Python 
  3. WordPress 

are at this high rank because they are linked with Google. These sites are affiliated with this top Search Engine and provide earnings to it. As a result, they get priority in SEO ranking. OptimizeAll can be the best recommendation if you are looking for SEO services as it provides a complete online services Suite. 

Keep yourself up to date with the latest SEO techniques:

To do optimization according to evolving trends it’s best to be aware of the latest and top techniques by reading SEO news. You can get information about the most effective and updated terms if you keep an account of the latest SEO news.

Always take a look of the daily SEO stories and make updations based on it. It will just not optimize your web rankings but will also improve the credibility of your business. You will get new and best opportunities for your business.

With a user-friendly and google friendly website, you can get a high ranking in search results. It takes time to implement optimization and gain results, so invest effort and time to design an SEO strategy.



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