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There is no contradiction on the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. How can it be helpful to engage prospects and customers? Actually, Images are unacknowledged heroes of traffic generation. To get leads we use great content, SEO techniques, and user intent keywords. 

Why use Google image search? 

When you have so many methods to consider as Google not only indexes text it indexes images too. No need to use old strategies repeatedly. In this blog you’ll get comprehensive knowledge about underrated strategy, to increase site traffic. We will give you inclusive learning that how you can drive more leads to your website with Google image search. 

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Optimize Images for Google

Before using images to get more web traffic it’s essential to optimize them by applying SEO tools. Images rank in the same way as sites do. The first image of SERPs is capable of getting the first rank because of the SEO behind it. You can optimize your image for SEO by applying the given strategies used by digital marketing experts.

Apply relevant image:

It seems to be obvious advice but it covers deep aspects like images must be directly corresponding to the overall concept. What use of getting thousands of visits for images not relevant to your business or site.

What if OptimizeAll, the best service provider in the USA,  uses the image of “John F Kennedy” to generate more leads with the title “John F Kennedy University research about new SEO trends.” The Photograph of the deceased president may drive traffic of the audience that has an interest in politics and current affairs issues. They have nothing to do with SEO blogs and SEO tools. Once they get an idea that your site is about SEO,  Digital marketing services, and web development services, they might bounce. So to prevent this use a relevant and creative image.  

Edit file name:

The easiest and overlooked part of image SEO is to change the file name. With a lack of user-friendly schemes, most cameras give default names to images like DSC_002.png. This file must be renamed to reflect actual content, it would be more understandable for search engines. 

What is Alt Text and what is its use?

To tell search engines about the actual reference of the image, use alt tags. It’s a double whammy if you edit alt tags as it assists search engines to index and rank images easily. Try to create alt tags that serve the actual purpose and are helpful for visually impaired users.

Each tag must have a precise image description. Avoid using unethical SEO tools and techniques like keyword stuffing. If you are deploying a project you have an option to outsource these services to an SEO online company or digital marketing experts. This simple technique provides tiny improvements in SEO. 

Compress the image:

You prefer that image should be as large as possible but it must take as little space as possible. It sounds like a contradictory act but thanks to compression you are capable of this. The use of compression tools as SEO tools reduce the storage size with the best image quality. 

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Design your own Exclusive image:

It’s right to say that stock photography is terrible. Its infrequent use is just OK but it is a disservice for your site if you are frequently using reserve photos. Most stock images are conventional and have a lack of personality. They might not reflect your brand effectively. After all, they are part of stock photography.

Original images are creative and have modernized effects to attract the audience. Let me give a quick caveat. You might have no resources to get custom images.

Sometimes stock images represent your business niche in the most unique way and speak to readers in a way they expect. It’s absolutely fine, no need to have stress about it. Give some thought to applying a custom image if you want an extra SEO edge. 

You can get a credit in form of backlinking also as original photos traced back to your site only. Stock images get links for their original designers and work as SEO tools that’s the exact reason why people opt for original images. Your designed images with high quality and visually appealing, are more likely to be selected. 

Get image relevant Keywords:

The cool tactic for image search is to indicate numerous image keywords. Focused Keywords are as important for images as they are for written content.

 With focus keywords use Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords to provide more variety in keywords. For image search two LSI keywords can give entirely different results. To avoid this you might use long-tail keywords to extend traffic or consult with digital marketing services experts.  

Important Images-Close to  the title:

If you embed the image close to the title, it will maximize the chances of your image to be found in top search results. As it helps Google to match images with the content.  

That is how digital marketing services experts turn visitors to your site. If your original image is the top result of the specific keyword, with a decent amount of web traffic, your image will be in the first position for image search.

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