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At OptimizeAll, we get several questions and queries regarding web design and development, digital marketing and the ERP solutions we are offering. We figured it would be beneficial to compile and answer all your general concerns in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) assists in managing and integrating your business components for smooth and automated processes of your organisation. It helps streamline and integrate your business activities into one software, saving time and costs for your company. It proves to be prodigiously efficient and cost-effective for your business.

No, different digital marketing strategies have to be drawn for different businesses according to the nature of the industry and the products a company offers. All strategies cannot be generally applied to every business. Some businesses require SEO to boost themselves while some demand social media marketing depending upon their nature.

Your website will be found by your consumers once it is designed and developed. By typing the company name or website domain, anyone can find it. Generally, while searching for the relevant products and offerings, your website will be listed on the search engines. We also offer other tools and techniques to make it more visible, such as Digital Marketing, SEO, paid campaigns etc.

Digital marketing has now become an integral part of your marketing campaigns and activities. Digital marketing holds immense importance as it makes your offerings reach your potential consumers and elevates your growth. Devising effective social media strategies, SEO, content and email marketing, all come under the roof of digital marketing. It enables your brand to efficiently target your audience, promote it and open new doors of success.

In these digital times, a website is extremely essential for your business. Consumers always glance at the website nowadays before visiting the physical outlet and online shopping is also on a roll. Your website assists you in showcasing your brand and offerings to your target market. A great website will encourage your consumers to buy from you and also ensure your long term success.

ERP is designed for modern businesses and includes a full suite of integrated components. ERP features automation, integration, data analysis, reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), tracking and visibility, and accounting.