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Enterprise Resource Planning Manages The Integration Of Main Business Processes In Real Time Or Mediated By A Software Of Technology.

Enterprise System Is Not A Commodity For High Performance Businesses But A Way To Differentiate Them From Their Competitors So They Need To Be Assured Of The Fact That When They Trust A Firm That Will Perform This Function For Them, They Are Getting The Best Outcomes.

We provide the following services related to Enterprise Resource Planning with top notch quality:

Human Resource Module

The market is flooded with different choices for you as a business that they will provide you ultimate business management but we, here want you to understand how we do it and then leave it on us to work the wonders. 

Human resource is indeed the most important department of an organization because if employees are not employed and maintained at the organization properly, the hierarchy is disturbed, so are the functions vital for the firm. 

You must make a choice wisely before making a decision because a change afterwards can cost you a lot.  

Why choose Human Resource Module? 

If you want to manage your employees as well as other departmental functions at the organization i.e. sales, accounts or CRM, then you need to go for Human Resource Module in your ERP. 

It is the most sought after choice in business today because of its modern nature and the changes it allows us to make because in today’s world, the Human Resource is constantly changing so is the other functions of an organization. 


It provides the data of all your employees under one roof. Everything is done via automation i.e. leaves, running contracts, work progress, pending tasks and work hours for calculating the pay 

Inventory Module

Inventory is one of the largest investments a company makes and we understand this fact. To lessen this burden from your shoulders, we offer Inventory Module to track individual items from sale to purchase and maintain the company stock at all times via automation. 

We provide:  

  • Registration of stocks of products, services and collective lists. 
  • Unlimited number of product and product group listings. 
  • Descriptions of products in an unlimited number of languages. 
  • Stock in negative. 
  • Ability to adjust stock and move from one location to another. 

And many more features depending upon the selection of your package according to the services that we provide. 


  • Reducing inaccuracies. 
  • Enhanced productivity in Operations. 
  • Happy customers. 
  • No more manual work. 
  • Cost-saving. 
  • Data Security. 
  • Cut Costs and Increase Profits. 

This module helps you in accomplishing better stock management. Stock management is hard but accurate stock management is harder and the accuracy can be guaranteed by this inventory module.  

Sales and Marketing Module

This module helps a company to stay competitive in the market and track and streamline their sales and marketing activities of all the sales under the badge of the organization whether domestic or international. 

In Sales and Marketing Module, we provide: 

  • Module of Sales order. 
  • Order scheduling. 
  • Shipping with delivery note. 
  • Tracking sales invoices. 
  • Sales returns. 
  • Maintaining Customer Profile in a centralized database 
  • Creation of Sales order 
  • Data recorded in a Sales Order 
  • Multiple dispatches against single Sales Order 
  • Sales forecast 
  • Pending orders 
  • Sales reports on a geographic location 
  • Making customer service smarter 

And many other features regarding the package and services you select. 


This module provides a clearer understanding of the customer to the firm so that they can take similar steps to market their product and increase their sales. More feed backs from the customers can be sorted hence a refined strategy upon how to work in future. This module also helps towards the better implementation of the customer feed backs. 

Better support from business leaders and better engagement between sales and marketing is achieved. A well defined strategy can be formed for a clearer mapping of the customer journey. 

Purchases Module

This option provides a record of all the details of the vendors who supply goods for the company as raw material.  

The purchase department makes sure a smooth purchase of material required for manufacturing department in the right quality and quantity and at the the right time. The purchase module helps the department to input the right information assisting this task. 

Following features are provided by us in Purchases module: 

  • Purchase Order. 
  • Receipt Note. 
  • Stock updates and Reports in purchase module. 
  • Cash or Credit card payment system. 
  • Centralized Vendor Database. 
  • Integration with Accounts Payable. 
  • Supplier audits. 

Purchase department is very important as a major investment is done on it so accurate purchases should be done in order to avoid any wastage of the raw material.  


ERP Purchase module facilitates automating/implementing the correct procurement procedure and decision making. It helps in the complete automation of the minute details of the purchases. It helps in easily identify potential suppliers and their quotation evaluation. It facilitates the billing process and invoice and payments management. It easily updates the inventory quickly and provides a quick, effective and efficient decision making on all your purchase needs. 

Finance and Accounting Module

This module is the software component that handles all the functions related to accounts and financial management of an enterprise and its resource planning system. It handles and supports functions such as revenue management and profitability analysis. Standard accounting records are included as well such as general ledger, invoicing, balance sheet, expense reporting and financial reports etc. 

Following are some of the features of this module: 

  • Profit tracking. 
  • General ledger. 
  • Accounts payable.  
  • Accounts receivable.  
  • Fixed asset management. 
  • Purchasing.  
  • Risk management. 
  • Reporting.  
  • Tax management. 


The benefits of using Finance and accounting module in your ERP are financial transparency and improved productivity. All the transactions taking place in the company are transparent hence no corruption is being done and the flow of finances is smooth hence increased productivity. Another very prominent benefit is the reduced human error. In a subject like accounting, there is a great risk of data entry mistakes so this is the best solution to avoid those mistakes. Better informed budgeting and planning can be done as well as the tracking and organizing of final documents. No payments will be missed and a centralized and integrated system can be formed. 

Customer Relationship Management Module

This module allows an organization to have a smooth relationship with their customers and satisfy all their needs in order to get a positive response and a satisfied plus loyal customer. Now, as there are a lot of customers of a single organization and it gets really hard to keep a track record of before, in between and after sales activities, this software helps a big deal. 

Following features are included in Customer relationship management module: 

  • Unified Communications. 
  • Incident management. 
  • Order tracking. 
  • Lead generation/conversion. 
  • Invoicing. 
  • Product delivery. 
  • Product configurator. 
  • Pricing. 
  • Marketing Campaigns. 
  • Customer Care. 
  • Database development. 
  • Opportunity tracking. 
  • Knowledge base expansion. 
  • Training. 

And many more depending upon the type of package you select. 


The Customer relationship management module improves the services given to the existing customers and keeps track on the feedback of the customers. It increase the efficiency of employees and hence reduces the average time to process a new request. It keeps a track on potential deals and customers and increases the number of loyal customers. It facilitates traders to meet customers’ expectations and monitors the complete sales cycle. In short, it reduces the work a lot once incorporated into an organization’s ERP software. 

Payable Module

This module is responsible for providing the functionality that will enable us to enter, monitor, maintain, and process for the payment invoices and the credit notes that the vendor provides to the organization. To lower the purchasing costs, proper controls can be taken through module management like scheduled payments. Through this, the benefit of supplier discount can be taken too. Effective management of payables have a direct impact on the profitability of the manufacturing organization. 

The key features that are included in this module are: 

  • Versatile Design 
  • Payment Scheduling 
  • Integrated Costing and Procurement 
  • Complete and Accurate Ledgers 
  • Payment Generation and Bank Reconciliation 
  • Cash Flow Management 
  • Global Supplier Management 
  • Invoice Processing 
  • Supplier Payments 
  • Supplier Information 
  • Periodic Payables Processing 

And many more depending upon the type of services you include in your package. 


The major benefit of this software is the amount of time it saves. The processing and approval of invoices is comparably faster with this module. This software also provides a streamlined, accurate processing and easy access, real-time monitoring and greater control over accounts. Better insights and transparency can be achieved and customized solutions are provided. It gets integrated with the existing finance system so there is no need to switch back and forth between systems and applications. Business relationships can be improved and early payment discounts are sought after. And last, better utilization of talent is achieved as there is no need to waste resourceful time on null procedures. 

Fixed Asset Module

In the two types of assets i.e. short term assets and fixed assets, the latter is the one that remains on the books for more than a year. It is basically an equipment or property with an estimated life of more than a year. In ERP, this term integrates with Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, and General Ledger hence allowing multiple methods for the input of assets. 

Some of the features included in this software are: 

  • Detailed documentation of company assets. 
  • Automatically posts monthly provisions to the General Ledger 
  • Simplified tracking of depreciation. 
  • Calculates book and tax depreciation using a number of different depreciation methods 
  • Allowance for acquisition and disposal of assets. 
  • Online historical notes for each asset 
  • Calculated write-ups or write-downs. 
  • Ability to automatically “clone” assets during initial set up 
  • Implements transaction reversals, additional asset groups and attributes, and asset adjustment reason codes. 
  • Calculates profit or loss on the sale of any asset 
  • Quickly updates replacement cost and insured value for selected fixed assets. 
  • Easily forecast and monitor the entire life cycle of fixed assets. 
  • Allows for the accounting of assets for tax preparation. 

And many more features depending upon the package you select from us. 


One of the major benefit is that Fixed Assets Module stores all asset-related data. The centralized asset information eases the audit and report processes.Computerized asset management systems simplify asset allocation and fixed assets stay in top condition when managed properly. It basically facilitates audit and report processes and retains all related asset information. It provides asset visibility, fixed asset compliance and accounting automation. Cost cutting and streamline asset allocation occurs. 

Manufacturing Module

Manufacturing module is based on the first phase processes in the production department in which raw materials are transformed into final products. It includes the utilization of resources, efforts during manufacturing and maintenance of the material.  They key features of this module are: 

  • A top to bottom insights into the manufacturing processes. 
  • Automate business processes in a more systematic way using the Production Module. 
  • Give perfection to the business with the Quality Module. 
  • Get going quickly from vision to execution with the Planning Module. 
  • Decide with fewer limitations and more insights with the Warehouse Module. 
  • Take-home message 


Its major benefit is that it streamlines in-house processes and provides one-source of company data. It helps in improving the product quality and enhances collaboration between work teams while reducing expenditures. It also enhances customer satisfaction and helps in strategic decision making. It responds to market conditions quicker and provides greater adaptability. 

Supply Chain Module

This is the management software for the flow of good and services and includes all the procedures to transform raw material into finished goods. It maximizes and focuses on the supply side activities of business to maximize customer value and gain competitive advantage in market. Following are some of the features included in this module: 

  • The plan or strategy. 
  • The source (of raw materials or services). 
  • Manufacturing (focused on productivity and efficiency). 
  • Delivery and logistics. 
  • The return system (for defective or unwanted products). 
  • Physical Flows. 
  • Information Flows. 
  • Identifying potential problems before they occur.  
  • Optimizing price dynamically. 
  • Improving the allocation of available to promise inventory. 


It provides better collaboration and improved quality control. All the considered factors are under the radar and it provides us higher efficiency rate. It helps to keep up the business with modern day demands. It provides shipping optimization hence reduce overhead costs . it provides improved risk mitigation and enhances the cash flow and as a result of all this it increases business profit level. 

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