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5 Reasons your brand needs social media presence

People usually wonder why a brand, be it a clothing brand or a mobile company or even a small restaurant has a social media presence despite having numerous outlets in shopping malls, commercial markets, food courts and other retail centers. The reason is not one but many. 

Ofcourse we cannot neglect the importance of SEO in digital marketing, 90% of marketers claim that social media has helped them grow their business.

This blog will provide you with five such reasons for why your particular brand needs to be active on social media, is to follow social media trends, all new Facebook and Instagram features etc.


1.The virtual connectivity ushers the consumer to you 

Here is the lead. When customers watch your commercial on TV or an advertisement on a billboard, it is more convenient for them to just Google you, look up your page and check up on the latest collection that you have launched. Rather than specifically taking a day out to visit your store and buy the product, they can just find out all the details on the brand page and place the order online as well.

This makes the experience of shopping much easier and convenient specifically for those who are busy and indulged in their lives so much that they do not have time to go out. Hence this virtual connectivity and affinity is a perk that escorts the purchasers to you.

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2.To be existent and capable of competence  

To have a name in the market and to be known around the globe, a business has to have attendance and occupancy on social media. The most suitable and ‘within the reach of customers’ way to learn about a brand is to just write the words on social websites and voila! It’s there.

Businessmen have their brands growing over Facebook and Instagram so much that it has now developed competition among them.

Who will launch the new designs and summer/winter collection first, who will discover the magic recipe for new dishes initially, and who will set in motion the next mobile series with jaw dropping features the earliest. And you, the customers, can find out all about it over social media.


3.The content seems to satisfy the consumers  

This is the generation of online shopping. The Covid-19 times have supported this trend even more. Even for occasions and festivals, people are depending on shopping online.

Furthermore, the content on the social media that the brand-holders put up is satisfying to the clients because all the details are clear and in written form. 

This develops trust and faith. Some websites that provide the refund and money-back guarantee are even more appealing to the customers because the fear of ordering and getting the wrong product or a misfit product becomes out of question. They can simply return it.

So, when the needs of people are being satisfied while sitting at home, then who needs to go out in the scorching heat and these trying times anyway? 



4.Campaigns involving influencers are impactful

Nowadays there is a new trend of involving bloggers and influencers by sending PR packages or hiring them to promote one’s business. These influencers have a fan following. People are inspired by them and are motivated to be like them.

These people tend to turn in to your clients when they fancy those bloggers and follow the campaigns these bloggers are a part of.

People want to shop from the same places, copy their style and fashion sense, eat well from the restaurants they promote, and buy the same electronics that they use. So this side of social media directly helps in expanding your brand.

5.The reviews from clients help you in advancing your brand

This reason is very valid and important one too. While there may be a lot of competition and a whole lot of ideas to boost and uplift your brand, only a customer can tell what you need to improve. You cannot do mind reading on a client but the insights from someone’s head can be taken by getting genuine reviews from someone alike. This way, you can take measures for the betterment and improvement of your brand.

The above mentioned are some of the prime reasons why a brand needs to be on social media. The coming world is going to be digital, so if you do not have your brand’s presence on all the social media websites yet, you should start now!

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